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\(cos\:2\theta =2\:cos^2\theta -1\)

IGNOU PGDAST Assignment Solution

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\(cos\:3\theta =4\:cos^3\:\theta -3\:cos\:\theta \)


The PGDAST program focuses on applying statistical tools to industries, businesses, and commerce. It covers basic concepts, skills, and processes to show you how statistics can be practically used. The program emphasizes theories and applications of statistics in fields such as industrial, business, management, medical, pharmacy, and commerce. Lab courses provide hands-on training to familiarize you with statistical tools. You can specialize in industrial statistics or biostatistics while gaining core statistical knowledge. This program is ideal for professionals in R&D and quality control, as well as fresh graduates looking to enter applied statistics.

This is a one year post graduate diploma programme with specialisations in Industrial Statistics and Biostatistics, which is offered in both January and July cycles of admissions. This programme comprises 5 core and compulsory theory courses worth 4 credits each and 1 core and compulsory lab course worth 2 credits. There are 3 elective courses in the specialisation either in Industrial Statistics or Biostatistics (2 theory courses worth 4 credits each and 1 lab course worth 2 credits). To successfully complete this programme, you will have to earn 32 credits over a period of 1 to 3 years depending on your convenience. These 32 credits comprise:

S. No.Core/ Elective CoursesCreditsTotal Credits
1 Core Courses (Theory)  20 credits (5 Theory Courses worth 4 credits each) 22 Credits  (Compulsory) 
2Core Course (Lab)2 credits (1 Lab course worth 2 credits) 
3 Industrial Statistics  Courses (Theory) Elective8 credits (2 Theory Courses worth 4 credits each)  10 Credits  (To be Taken  Together) 
4 Industrial Statistics  Course (Lab) Elective2 credits (1 Lab course worth 2 credits) 
5 Biostatistics Elective  Courses  (Theory) 8 credits (2 Theory Courses worth 4 credits each) 10 Credits  (To be Taken  Together)  
6Biostatistics Elective Course (Lab)2 credits (1 Lab course worth 2 credits)  

Everything You Need to Know About IGNOU PGDAST Assignments

If you are a student of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), you must submit assignments on time to appear for the Term-End examination. It is a pre-requisite that you must give an undertaking in the examination form, stating that you have submitted all the assignments as prescribed. Otherwise, the results of the term-end examination will be cancelled.

Assignments are a compulsory component of the courses, and they are uploaded on the IGNOU website or sent to the study centres. The main purpose of the assignments is to test the learner’s comprehension of the learning material and provide feedback to help them get through the course. The information given in the printed course material is sufficient for answering the assignments, but learners can always refer to other books accessible to them.

To avoid poor grades, learners should ensure that they have answered all the questions in all assignments before submission. The assignments are valid for one year, and they must be submitted before appearing in the examination for any course. If a candidate does not submit the assignments in time for a course, he/she will not be allowed to appear in the term-end examination for that course. If a candidate appears in the term-end examination without submitting the assignments, the result of the term-end examination is liable to be cancelled.

Candidates should keep a copy of all the assignment responses they submit to the programme coordinator of their study centre. If they do not get back their duly evaluated tutor marked assignments along with a copy of the assessment sheet containing comments on their assignments by the evaluator within a month after submission, they should try to get it from their programme/study centre personally.

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IGNOU assignments are an important part of the courses, and learners must submit them on time to appear for the Term-End examination. They should keep a copy of all the assignment responses they submit, and if they need help with their assignments, they can find solutions on our website. With our help, you can complete your course successfully and achieve your academic goals.

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