MEG-04 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

IGNOU MEG-04 Solved Assignment 2022-2023 | MEG | ASPECTS OF LANGUAGE

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IGNOU MEG-04 Assignment Question Paper 2023

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1. Write short notes on the following:

(i) Borrowings

(ii) Langue and Parole

2. Discuss the description and classification of Consonants and Vowels.

3.Why is language planning essential in any country? What are the factors which influence language planning?

4. Do you agree with the ‘one language: one community’ theory? What other factors, apart from language, may determine one’s identification with a speech community?

5. What do you think is the role of English vis-à-vis the Indian languages in modern India?

\(sin\left(\theta -\phi \right)=sin\:\theta \:cos\:\phi -cos\:\theta \:sin\:\phi \)

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Answer:- 1

(a) Borrowings, often known as loanwords, are linguistic components that a language absorbs from another language. Words, sentences, and even grammatical structures can be included. Borrowings can occur in a variety of ways, including trade, colonialism, and cultural interchange.

Language interaction is one typical route for borrowings to arise. When speakers of two different languages come into touch, they may acquire words or phrases from the other language in order to communicate more successfully. When individuals from other cultures connect, such as via commerce or travel, this might happen. For example, via encounters with various civilizations over history, the English language has adopted several terms from French and Latin.

Borrowings can also arise as a result of colonisation. When one culture colonises another, the colonisers may impose their language on the colonial people. This can result in the colonised people adopting words and phrases from the colonizer’s language, as they may need to converse with them in the colonizer’s language. As a result of colonialism, several terms in the English language have been taken from Indigenous languages of the Americas.

Cultural interchange might also result in borrowings. As civilizations interact and share ideas, they may borrow words or phrases from one another’s languages to convey new notions or ideas. As a result of the popularity of Japanese culture and technology, several terms in the English language have been borrowed from Japanese in recent years.

Borrowings can also occur in a more gradual and unconscious manner, when individuals gradually take up words and phrases from languages they are exposed to, such as in everyday life or media.

Borrowings may have a big influence on a language. They have the ability to alter how individuals communicate as well as reflect cultural and historical influences on a language. They can, however, be contentious and viewed as a sort of language imperialism. Borrowings may be viewed positively by some as a means of preserving their own culture and language, while negatively by others as a danger to the integrity of their language.

Borrowings can also result in changes in grammar or word use. For example, English has borrowed numerous terms from other languages and altered them to meet the language’s grammatical patterns. This might lead to the development of new grammatical forms or the modification of existing ones.

To summarise, borrowings are an important aspect of language growth and change. Language contact, colonialism, cultural interaction, and unconscious absorption are all elements that impact them. They may have a big impact on how people communicate and reflect a language’s cultural and historical influences. They can, however, be contentious and viewed as a sort of language imperialism. To grasp the diversity and depth of languages, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of borrowing.

(b) The terms “langue” and “parole” were originally used in linguistic theory by Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure to define the link between language and speech. Langue refers to a language’s system, which includes its syntax, lexicon, and norms, whereas parole refers to the actual use of language in speech or writing.

Langue can be defined as a language’s underlying structure, the abstract and theoretical component of it that exists irrespective of any individual speakers or environment. It is the collection of rules and principles that allow language speakers to communicate with one another. It is the accumulation of a speaker’s linguistic knowledge, skills, and talents through time. A language is the system of signs, sounds, and symbols that comprise it.

Parole, on the other hand, refers to the tangible and practical use of language in speech or writing. It is the act of speaking or writing in a language in order to impart meaning to others, utilising the norms and principles of the language. It is the exact utterances, words, and sentences that an individual speaks or writes at a certain moment and location.

The contrast between langue and parole shows the dynamic interaction between the abstract system of language and its practical use. Langue serves as the foundation for parole, yet parole also helps to shape and evolve langue. When a new word is introduced into a language, for example, it becomes a part of the langue and can be used by other speakers in their own parole.

It is critical to understand that langue and parole are not mutually exclusive and are interrelated. The langue gives the parole structure and norms, yet the parole also informs the langue. For example, if a new phrase or term becomes popular in the parole, it may become a part of the langue and be utilised by other speakers.

Another crucial distinction to make is that, although langue is a common language system to which all speakers of a language have access, parole is unique to each individual speaker. Everyone has their own method of speaking and writing, as well as their own dialect and accent and unique style.

Finally, Saussure coined the words “langue” and “parole” to express the link between language and speech. Langue refers to a language’s underlying structure, the abstract and theoretical component of it, which exists irrespective of any individual speakers or situation, whereas parole refers to the actual use of language in speech or writing, the concrete and practical aspect of it. These two notions are intertwined; language gives structure and standards for parole, but parole also influences langue. To comprehend the complexity and depth of languages, it is necessary to understand the contrast between these two ideas.

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