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Answer the questions given below.
1. Define the following terms-
a. Telegram
b. Blogs

2. Write antonyms of the following words-
a. Admire
b. Cowardice
c. Crooked
d. Abound

3. Write the meanings of the given idioms and use them in sentences of your own.
a. Beat around the bush
b. Cut corners
c. Up in arms
d. Get your act together

4. Use the correct form of the verb given in the bracket-
a. I_(has, had) a math test yesterday.
b. I_(will go, will went) to the store later.
c. I had already_(fallen, fall) asleep when my alarm went off.
d. I_(are reading, am reading)a newspaper.

5. Complete the following sentences by using appropriate subordinate clauses-
a. I don’t know_.
b. The child needed help ___ 
c. ___ she was not able to find a good job.
d. She said ___ 

Expert Answer

1. Definitions:
a. Telegram: A telegram is a message sent through a telegraph, a device for transmitting and receiving messages over long distances. Today, Telegram is also known as a popular cloud-based messaging app where people can exchange messages, photos, videos, and files.
b. Blogs: Blogs are regularly updated websites or web pages, usually run by an individual or a small group, that are written in an informal or conversational style. They often focus on a particular subject and allow for reader engagement through comments.

2. Antonyms:
a. Admire: Despise
b. Cowardice: Bravery
c. Crooked: Straight
d. Abound: Lack

3. Idioms:
a. Beat around the bush: Avoiding the main topic or issue. Sentence: Instead of beating around the bush, just tell me what happened.
b. Cut corners: Doing something the easiest, quickest, or cheapest way, often sacrificing quality. Sentence: If you cut corners when you build a house, you might end up with problems later.
c. Up in arms: Very angry and ready to fight or argue. Sentence: The whole town was up in arms about the proposed closure of the local school.
d. Get your act together: Organize yourself or your activities more effectively. Sentence: You need to get your act together and finish the project before the deadline.

4. Correct form of the verb:
a. I had a math test yesterday.
b. I will go to the store later.
c. I had already fallen asleep when my alarm went off.
d. I am reading a newspaper.

5. Subordinate clauses:
a. I don’t know what happened at the party.
b. The child needed help because he was lost.
c. Despite her many qualifications, she was not able to find a good job.
d. She said that she would come tomorrow.


Answer the following questions in about 150 words each.

1. How to begin and end conversation appropriately?

2. Write a newspaper report for a local daily pointing to sudden rise in pollution in your area.

3. Write a letter to your friend explaining her the importance of discipline in life.

4. Construct a dialogue between two students discussing their plans for holidays.

5. Write \(7 / 8\) diary entries for the most thrilling day of your life till date.

Answer the following] questions in about 200-250 words each.

1. Describe a new market area that you visited recently. You can describe in terms of its location, infrastructure, it’s comparison with other similar places etc.

2. Write an essay on Gender Sensitization.

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