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IGNOU BEVAE-181 Assignment Question Paper 2023

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1. Why ecological significance of forest is more important in present day context? Explain.

2. Answer the following questions in about 125 words each.

a) Explain the characteristics of Western Ghats for inclusion as Biodiversity hotspots.

b) Why hydropower is regarded as the best source of energy? Explain it in detail.

c) The importance of Biomass has been increasing day by day in our surroundings among renewable resources. Explain it with suitable examples.

d) How does air pollution affect the atmospheric processes?

e) What is Disposal of waste? Why segregation of waste is needed?

3. Explain the human-environment relationship by taking examples of biotic and abiotic components?

4. “As humans civilisation progressed, man started altering the environment in the pursuit of creating an economic, social and cultural environment of his own choice. This slowly resulted in the depletion of natural resources and degradation of environment.” Explain it in context of national legislations of water acts?

5. “Biosphere reserves are internationally recognised areas established to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between Humans and the Biosphere.” Elaborate this statement in the context of conservation of nature?


6. Explain the following terms in about 60 words each:

(a) Seed Bank
(b) Incineration
(c) Biological Oxygen Demand
(d) Public Health

7. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each.

(a) What is lentic and lotic ecosystem? Explain these two with suitable examples.

(b) What is ecological succession? Explain the types of succession with suitable diagrams.

(c) Explain the biocentrism and ecocentrism in context of human’s attitude towards nature?

(d) Define natural calamities and its types with suitable examples.

8. Explain the causes of ozone depletion? How do ultraviolet rays affects human health, animals, plants, micro-organisms, water and air quality.

9. “Education for environmental awareness is essential for the younger generation as well as for the older generation.” Explain the statement with suitable examples.

10. “Water Harvesting is one of the effective measures to combat drought.” Explain this statement with suitable arguments.

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Answer – 1

Forests play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the planet, and their significance has become even more important in the present day context due to a number of reasons.

First and foremost, forests act as carbon sinks, absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This helps to mitigate the effects of climate change, which is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. Additionally, forests are home to a vast array of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. The loss of these species, often referred to as biodiversity, can have far-reaching consequences for the planet’s ecosystems.

Forests also provide important ecosystem services, such as water regulation, soil conservation, and air purification. They play a crucial role in maintaining the water cycle by absorbing and releasing water, regulating the flow of rivers and streams, and protecting against soil erosion. Forests also act as natural filters, absorbing pollutants from the air and purifying it.

Forests are also important for human well-being. They provide a wide range of resources, such as timber, fruits, nuts, and medicinal plants. They also provide opportunities for recreation and tourism, which can be a significant source of income for local communities.

However, despite their importance, forests are under threat from a variety of human activities, such as logging, agriculture, urbanization, and mining. Deforestation, the conversion of forested land to non-forested land, is a major contributor to the loss of forest cover. This not only has ecological consequences, but also has significant social and economic impacts.

In order to protect and conserve forests, it is essential to adopt sustainable land-use practices, such as agroforestry and reforestation. Additionally, policies and regulations must be implemented to limit deforestation and promote reforestation. Community-based conservation approaches, such as those that involve local communities in the management and protection of forests, can also be effective in achieving conservation goals.

Another important aspect of the ecological significance of forests is their role in supporting indigenous communities and traditional cultures. Many indigenous communities around the world have lived in and relied on forests for their livelihoods and cultural practices for generations. They have a deep understanding and knowledge of the forest ecosystem, which is important for its conservation and sustainable management. Additionally, many traditional cultures have spiritual and religious connections to forests, and their destruction can have a profound impact on these communities and cultures.

Forests also play a key role in regulating the global climate. They help to regulate the Earth’s temperature by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide, which is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. They also release oxygen, which is vital for all living organisms. Furthermore, forests are also important for regulating the water cycle, as they help to prevent soil erosion and protect against floods. They also help to maintain the biodiversity of the planet by providing habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Moreover, in the present day context, forests are facing a significant threat from the impact of human activities, such as urbanization, industrialization, and agriculture. Deforestation, particularly in tropical regions, is a major contributor to the loss of forest cover, which has far-reaching ecological, social, and economic consequences. The loss of forests also exacerbates the impact of climate change, as fewer forests means less carbon sequestration and more carbon emissions.

However, it’s not all bad news, there are many efforts and initiatives that aim to conserve and protect forests. One of them is REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), which is a program that aims to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation by providing financial incentives for conservation and sustainable land-use practices. Additionally, many organizations and NGOs are working to protect forests and promote sustainable land-use practices through research, education, and community engagement.

In summary, the ecological significance of forests is more important than ever in the present day context. They play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the planet, supporting indigenous communities and traditional cultures, regulating the global climate, and providing a wide range of ecosystem services. Therefore, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect and conserve forests for the benefit of present and future generations.

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